Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain N' Drizzle

You just have to love it, well maybe just accept it. Its an Irish summer! Gives us something to talk about (by the way this is the case even in beautiful weather - "oh no its far too hot!"). Someday I might give an honest opinion at the shop counter as its bucketing down outside and the gale is howling:

Assistant: "Bloody awful out there".
RWest: "Ah..well".
Assistant: "Its set to get worse for the weekend but sher we're used to it"
RWest: "I like it. Makes me feel alive. Makes me feel like getting into the hills and watching the drizzle envelope the landscape like a scene from some Neolithic saga".
Assistant: "Oh right, good for you". Under breath "Loony".

Who needs sun?

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