Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lady Gregory's Holiday Home

RainyWest was out on a Burren hike along the Flaggy shore. He was contemplating the future in these here recessionary times. The jobs or lack of, the bills, the payment of said bills. When he came across 'Mount Vernon', the summer residence of Lady Gregory. This idyllic country retreat has views across Galway Bay and overlooks the beautiful Flaggy Shore. He sat down to a sandwich and coffee on a limestone picnic table, observed the Brimstone and Peacock butterflies in the garden and the Sandwich Terns out in the bay and thought, Yeats - you lucky sod!


  1. My husband and I spent two nights here a couple of years ago. It's run by an English couple who used to publish poetry (a small press) back in the day.
    The wife greatly resembled Julie Christie, and the husband, Donald Sutherland. What fun to see it here!

  2. T.Clear thats great. What are the chances I'd hear from someone who actually stayed in Mnt Vernon. I hope its kept its old world charm. I must look out for Julie and Donald in the area!