Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nothing Happening Here, Just Thinking

It is raining heavy outside at 15.57 in the west of Ireland.
I'm just finished a staring out the window daydream.
I was thinking about my fathers eyes on the day before he died.
I was thinking about how a window in my car is leaking and not yet fixed.
I was recalling someone telling me that a bucket and two cloths was the center-piece of what Mother Theresa left behind when she died.
I was sailing towards the moral high ground because someone else I know has just blown thousands of Euros on pointless shiny things that he doesn't need.
I was thinking this makes me mad; one shiny thing would have sufficed while the money for the rest could have gone to Haiti or sponsored a child in an Indian slum.
My last thought was, I do not have the right to judge.


  1. Actually I read this last night but only quickly because I was in a mood brought about by family politics. This morning I came for a visit again, this time having resolved myself. You are right. We do not have the right to judge other people, other by the manner of living, or their attitude towards us.
    I think your father would be very proud of you.

  2. Hi Vera. Thanks for such a nice comment. Yes family politics! Plenty of those here too! It is hard sometimes though isn't it. You literally must bite your tongue. The next time I meet that person who spent all that money, I must remain tight-lipped! I hope your family issues are not too stressful. Remember CBO's (Calm Blue Oceans).

  3. Christopher,you are still,quite naturally grieving for your father.You come across as a gentle caring soul,who feels for needs of others,which is very commendable,but you have to let others make their own choices as to how they react to what is going on in the world.We all make our own contribution according to our means,the fact that your friend bought shiny things is his choice.I sympathies with your thoughts on this but if you have done the right thing according to your conscience ,that is all that matters.
    I wish you well, Carolyn

  4. Matron. You are quite right and this is how I have come to feel about this particular friend who went crazy witht the cash. I may think this way at times but in reality its not for me to judge or get on my soapbox about, it is as you say, their choice.